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As you are able to clearly tell from the website, Majestic is the world’s largest link index database; this is my Majestic Review. Many different URLs have been found with this; 962,043,054,811 as a matter of fact! This is perfect for SEO professionals, due to its many features. First of all, you can use backlinks history to compare different peoples’ prospects to your own. Actually even up to five domains at a time and from over five years ago! It’s a really useful tool, because you by yourself can set your own standards. It’s really effective for pitching your ideas, and finding new clients as well. Also, with Majestic, you are able to view the strengths of a site, with statistics and graphs included to make it just that much easier to understand. Also, you can compare the VITAL statistics of a site as well. You can see how you compete with other people, and just overall how strong the site is! Before I get into more details, I would also like to mention that you can sign up for a Majestic Free Trial beforehand, and test it out. Why jump into something that you’re not sure will help you? Well, that’s why you get a free trial to make sure this program fits your needs. Majestic is a very functional tool when it comes to auditing sites as well. You can even link your account with Google, and with that comes new tools that will assist you in your auditing goals. In fact, you can actually instantly make a site audit. With a simple click of a mouse, you can check your downloads, and find out what’s going on with them. For example, one may not have a supported content type, or a Domain Name Resolution failure. You will know this instantly just by clicking on a tab. It will also give you information on when it was last seen, and Flow Metrics. Also, you can have a deeper page insight. This will show the strength of any page through flow metrics. This is effective because it uses tables and charts as well, a great tool for individuals into statistics. Did you know that you can compare statistics as miniscule as keywords. That’s pretty awesome because you know pretty much all of your stats, so you know what you’re working with all the time. On top of that, you can also manage your links really effectively, surprisingly. One very useful aspect of this is bookmarking URLs; it is especially effective for seeing good, bad, interesting, horrible, and great links! Majestic is extremely useful for people trying to create their own domains overall. It’s just an awesome tool with many different functions and tabs which will guide you to the proper path to success through URLs. Majestic pricing goes into four different categories; silver quarterly, silver, gold, and platinum. The silver quarterly plan runs around $49.99 a month with a minimum subscription of three months. This will give you access to 5 million backlinks, 60 detailed reports per month, and you can pay using an online credit card. The silver plan is $79.99 a month, the same exact access, but only a one month minimum subscription. Next, we have the Gold plan which is $169.99 monthly, and gives you access to up to 25 million backlinks and 300 detailed reports per month, this is the recommended plan because you get five times more for only around twice the price. Lastly, we have the platinum API access plan, which gives you access to 100 million backlinks and 950 detailed reports a month. You’re probably here asking yourself “how will Majestic SEO Group Buy pricing work for me?” Well, that depends on how big of an operation you run. The key is not to pay for more than you need. Is it worth the pay? That depends on how seriously involved you are with your URL. For smaller operations, it’s better to pick smaller monthly plans so you don’t have to use all your money and have way more features than you need. For bigger operations usually including more people, pick the higher pricing option. This is the tool of the future, not only can you check the strengths and weaknesses of your Domains, you can also see how they stack up compared to others and keep track of what’s going on.


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